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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ
John Furrow

Westminster Catawba Christian School exists to serve the educational, spiritual and social needs of families in our community by developing a biblical worldview through stimulating instruction and creative opportunities.  In the Upper School this mission is accomplished by designing a complete educational program that will challenge students with a level of academic rigor that prepares them for the unique demands of the 21st century in a college prep setting.  Students are taught to think critically, communicate clearly, work collaboratively, and reflect creatively.  The development of the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical – is the recognized goal and is realized through the academic, leadership, athletic, service, and fine arts programs and activities offered at WCCS.

There are many schools in our area that can make the similar claims about their programs and activities.  What distinguishes WCCS is the foundational development of a biblical worldview.  Christian education is much more than including a Bible class in the curriculum, and holding Chapel once a week.  Developing a biblical worldview means that an emphasis is placed on integrating biblical thought into every one of the programs and activities of the school so that students begin to naturally absorb God’s Truth into patterns of thought and actions.   It is our hope that this will enable our students to thrive as they pursue their callings both now and in the future.   We invite you to come see the life-changing, and engaging educational experiences offered at WCCS!

John Furrow
Upper School Campus Principal