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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ

Where is a place where children can be little, growing at their own pace and learning about God and what He is doing to make all things new in the world around them? 

Joanna Swofford
1st-5th Grade Principal
Joanna Swofford

Where can children learn to see math, language arts, science, social studies, and the fine arts through the lens of the Bible?  Where is the partnership between parents and teachers so valued that it becomes part of the very foundation on which all understanding of God’s Creation is built? 

That place is Westminster Catawba Christian School, of course! 

First through fifth graders are beautiful little people.  They are designed by our Maker to absorb, experience, explore, and grow throughout these formative years in ways that create a strong platform for a lifetime of learning. As a part of their journey, the faculty and staff at WCCS work with parents to assist the children in developing a sense for where God is calling them.  Through service, spiritual development, enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities, and individually designed academic rigor, we here at WCCS pray that the students will begin to understand where the world’s needs and their gifts align…so that as they grow, they will bless the world as disciples of Christ.

Along that journey, our elementary students experience learning in Language Arts through such programs as Open Court Reading, Reader’s Workshop, Guided Reading Groups, and Writer’s Workshop.  Spelling and cursive handwriting are big pieces to their elementary academics, as well as expanding their vocabulary and grammar skills.

Math-- at the elementary level-- includes Singapore Math’s Primary Mathematics, which facilitates learning in the “hows and whys” math makes sense throughout God’s perfect design in His Creation. 

Learning in Science is brought to life through opportunities provided in the classroom and in the Explore Lab, which is a hands on experiential learning program, provided to students in order to build their understanding and awe of God’s workings and Creation through science experiments and student driven research labs.

Social Studies in grades 1st-5th facilitates developmentally appropriate learning in current events, South Carolina History, United States History, and World History—all introduced and taught in a way that shows how God’s story weaves the past, present, and future together into a narrative that will someday become new for all of us as we walk alongside Him in His Truth forever.

We devote time each day to specifically facilitate learning about the Bible through “Building on the Rock” by Summit Ministries.  From Bible study, weekly chapel, and daily devotions with classmates, to integrating what they are learning about the Bible into the rest of their day’s learning experiences, students begin to develop a Christian Worldview that we pray will continue to  strengthen as they move into Middle and High School and then into the rest of their adult lives, so that they can bless the world as disciples of Christ.

Joanna Swofford
1st-5th Grade Principal

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