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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ

Throughout the year students learn the fundamentals of music making, musical expression, and music appreciation through the public performance of quality musical works that are appropriate for the students’ development. The Middle School and High School Bands combine to present two concerts on campus. The Christmas Program is a highlight of our Fine Arts Program each year. This concert is a continuous flow of student music that focuses solely on the Christian celebration of the season. The annual Spring Concert is a summative picture of learning throughout the year.

Beginners Band

In the sixth grade, students have the opportunity begin learning to play a new instrument. This class is designed for students with no prior musical training in a traditional band instrument. Throughout the year, students will progress from the fundamental of how to produce a sound on the instrument to the skills required to making music together with other students and instruments. This class will perform at the end of the year in their own recital that gives them the opportunity to showcase what they have learned.

Middle School Band

This band is for students who have had at least one year experience playing their instrument. This ensemble begins to perform in both the Christmas and Spring concerts, allowing them to focus on ensemble sound and development. Students will also continue to develop in their technical proficiency and begin to understand music from a church and historical perspective.

High School Band

This band is for High School students who seek to excel in musical performance. They continue to develop in the technical demands of playing their instruments and demonstrate a more advanced understanding of ensemble performance. The High School Band showcases their abilities in several performances throughout the year that include the annual Christmas and Spring concerts, community performance, and service opportunities. This band also begins to explore Jazz music and its place in music history and culture.

The WCCS band program maintains membership in the South Carolina Band Director’s Association, giving every student an opportunity to participate in state functions such as Solo/Ensemble Festival and All-Region Bands. WCCS also participates in the ACSI Band Festival.

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