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Billy Fisher

Thank you for visiting the Westminster Catawba Christian School athletic web page.  Integrating academics, service and athletics prepares our student athletes for real-life situations. Athletics does not define our student athletes, but it does allow our coaches to reinforce God’s plan in their lives.  We are committed to the school-wide mission and vision statement and encourage our coaches, families and student athletes to honor God in all they do, respect others and play within the rules.

We are members of the MAC Conference and Carolina Piedmont Football Conference (football only), as well at the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association.

In addition, we partner Select Medical to provide a certified athletic trainer for our student athletes.   The athletic trainer plays an integral role in injury prevention, acute injury assessment and the post injury rehabilitative process. Certified athletic trainers are trained in current methods of strength and conditioning, preventative bracing and taping, rehabilitation of injuries, nutritional counseling and emergency action planning.

Philosophy of Athletics

In all aspects of life, whether occupation or recreation, Christians are called to glorify God and to acknowledge the lordship of Jesus Christ.  Athletes and coaches are therefore encouraged to strive for Christ-likeness in all of their activities, whether training or competing.  Also, the WCCS student athlete is challenged to do his or her very best with his or her God given talents, not for selfish gain but for the glory of God and the good of the team.  Competing to win is strongly emphasized, without sacrificing the display and development of Christ-like character.  Athletic training and competition provide numerous opportunities to practice biblical principles such as developing an appropriate approach to authority, working together as members of a team, and learning self-control in the midst of competition.

Middle School Athletics

The middle school athletic program is the foundation of all WCCS athletics.  This stage of development is the most important level of learning to

  • Respect  authority
  • Develop a consistent work ethic
  • Work together as a team
  • Acquire the fundamentals of the sport
  • Learn the terminology of the game
  • Prepare for Junior Varsity programs
  • Compete in a healthy way: for a roster spot, position, and/or playing time

Middle school athletics give us an opportunity to introduce and teach the fundamental aspects of a particular sport.   When our athletes reach the next level, they will be ready to learn more advanced aspects of the sport.  We want to encourage our athletes to have fun while doing their very best.

Junior Varsity Athletics

Our focus for junior varsity athletics is to refine the concepts learned in middle school.  However, the demands of excellence, competition and the complexity of the game will intensify.  Athletes must be prepared to compete for roster spots, positions, and playing time.  We encourage our athletes to give their very best, and our goal is to prepare them for the demands of the varsity program.

Varsity Athletics

It is a privilege for a student athlete to wear a WCCS varsity uniform.  Therefore, the student athlete must be prepared to compete for a roster spot, position and playing time.  Once an athlete has solidified a position, he or she must work to keep it.  Players will be judged on athletic ability, work ethic, attitude and knowledge of the game when determining playing time.  Competing to win is strongly emphasized without sacrificing the display and development of Christ-like character.  Athletes are expected to contribute unselfishly in accordance with their abilities.


Billy Fisher

Athletic Director


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