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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ

Bernie Cooke"Students leave WCCS with a Kingdom Education. They are prepared with the prerequisite knowledge to be successful in college, but also an understanding that Christ is the center of everything."




At Westminster Catawba Christian School, one of the things that makes learning so unique for our students is that our teachers are not only highly trained and qualified, but they have specifically chosen to teach at our school because they believe they are called by God to reach our students for Christ and point them towards the unique purpose that He has for each of them. In today’s feature, we’d like to introduce you to Upper School Science Teacher, Mr. Bernie Cooke. You’ll see that he has a multitude of gifts, and that he truly strives to use those gifts to relate to students and help them discover their place in the world and who they are in Christ. We are so grateful to have him as part of the WCCS family!

The Cooke Family
The Cooke Family

Teaches: Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, & Weight Training

Degree: Masters Degree in Biology, Winthrop University

Mr. Bernie Cooke has been teaching in the WCCS family for 10 years. He is married to Nicole, and they have two boys at WCCS in the Early Childhood program. Mr. Cooke is a Rock Hill native and enjoys a variety of hobbies in his free time! Did you know that in his past, he used to dance ballet? He has also practiced, competed in and trained others in boxing, muay thai, jiu jitsu, and kung fu. In addition, next year, Mr. Cooke will have a comic book published! No doubt, his variety of interests makes him relatable to our WCCS students.

When asked to share why he feels called to teach at WCCS, Mr. Cooke states, “I love that I have the freedom to shape my curriculum to an ever-changing student body.” Learning didn’t always come easy to Mr. Cooke as a student himself. In fact, he admits that he was never a student that immediately understood difficult concepts. “I had to figure out ways to learn beyond just attending lecture. This has helped me tremendously in connecting with students that struggle with complex physics and chemistry concepts. I am able to share the way I worked through and thought of things to better understand them.” Getting to know each student personally is on the top of his priority list. “Students aren’t just numbers passing on from one grade to the next [….] I love that I am able to establish strong relationships with students. It allows me the opportunity to really know their needs, and I have the freedom to teach according to their needs and interests. Most importantly, I am able to share the Gospel with every student I meet.”

Bernie's Students
Upper School students went
to Comicon to support Mr.
Cooke & his publication!

Mr. Cooke is indeed known at the Upper School for the special way he is able to connect with students. Abby Epperly, WCCS Alumna from the Class of 2019, shares that during her time at WCCS, “Mr. Cooke [was] there for me in times of hardship in my personal life and faith. He always had time to listen and help with words of encouragement and usually a Bible verse or story to help.” Alumnus, Jeremy de los Santos, from the Class of 2018, agrees that Mr. Cooke impacted him in an important way as well. “He helped me solidify my faith. I am blessed beyond measure […] and forever grateful for [him] to be by my side.”

We leave you with a statement from Mr. Cooke about how he feels WCCS prepares students for the life to which God has called them beyond high school. “Students leave WCCS with a Kingdom Education. They are not only prepared with the prerequisite knowledge to be successful in college and beyond, but they are also equipped with an understanding that Christ is the center of everything.”

Now, THAT’S an education to BELIEVE in! Don’t you agree?

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