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10 Truths We Hope Our Kids Know

August 15, 2018
By Scott & Amy Dillon
Scott & Amy
Scott & Amy Dillon with their new grandson, Jay!

Scott Dillon, our Head of School, and his wife, Amy, share some wise words to families and students as we begin another school year at WCCS!


Today is the first day of school at WCCS.  It is a day that will mark many firsts.  And, as in my family, it will mark a day of many lasts.  Today is the LAST first day of school (preschool-twelfth grade) for the Dillon family as our youngest begins her senior year today.  Having four kids attend pre-school through high school, at the end of this next year we will have accumulated a combined SIXTY-ONE years of parenting school-aged children in Christian schools (not counting college).   As my wife and I were talking about this subject, we rehearsed many highs and lows, joys and sorrows, and actually made a list of things that we hope and pray "stuck" with our kids in our decades of parenting.  We wanted to share this list with you on this first day of school hoping to encourage and challenge parents with more firsts than lasts in front of them.

Dillon Kids
The Dillon kids on the first day of the
2007-2008 school year!

Kiddos, we hope you know that…

  • We have no greater joy than to see (hear) our children walking in the truth.  We enjoyed celebrating your accomplishments in the classroom and on the field and court, but our greatest joy is seeing the fruit of the Spirit in your lives.

  • God's Word is True - seven days a week.  This is the primary reason we have had you in Church on Sundays and in Christian schools during the week.  God has called us to worship Him alongside His bride (the Church) on the first day of every week - and then to follow hard after Him every day thereafter. 

  • Your family loves you and will always be there for you, although quite imperfectly at times.  God, however, loves you so very much more than we do and truly does love you unconditionally and quite perfectly.

  • God created you to be in community.  It is important, even necessary, to have good friends.  But, remember that it is often more important to BE a good friend, especially to those who may be hardest to love. 

  • We have chosen Christian schools for you because we want/need other adults coming alongside us, as parents, to partner with us in training you as you have grown.  Your parents haven’t been perfect.  Neither have your teachers or coaches.  But, we have trusted the adults in your lives and believe that you will be better prepared to walk in the truth having had the truth spoken to you from so many.

  • We would often send you out of the house with the reminder to "make good decisions."   We probably too frequently presumed that you knew that this is impossible without the work of the Holy Spirit in your lives.  Remember that we are saved by grace alone (Ephesians 2) and are kept by grace alone (John 15).

  • We love you more than we can put into words (even though we have tried), but you are not the center of our world or the end of our existence.  God is.  God has lent you to us for just a little while to train you up in Him.  His pleasure is a greater desire of ours than yours!

  • God has gifted and called you to be used by Him for Him.  This is not always comfortable.  It is often difficult.  But it is definitely worth every tear and bead of sweat.  Chase hard after HIS will, not your own.

  • Since before you were born, we began praying that God would be glorified in your life.  This may include marriage and a family or it may not.  It may keep you near or it may take you far away.  You may see great fruit, but that is not promised.  But, remember that God's got ya!

  • Walking in the truth includes being the light in a very dark world.  May you be so thankful that God shed His light on you that you desire to BE THE LIGHT.  Don't hide it under a bushel!  Let it shine!

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What I Hope All New Families Know About WCCS

August 09, 2018
By WCCS Parent, Ruth Lykins

In this week's blog, we have invited Ruth Lykins, a "new" WCCS parent from the 2017-2018 school year, to share some of her reflections on what she hopes all of our new families know about WCCS going in to the first day of school.


Lykins Family
The Lykins Family

In anticipation of the beginning of a new school year, I’m reflecting back on the 2017-2018 school year. My three sons began the year in 1st, 4th, and 6th grades at Covenant Christian Academy in Cumming, GA. Covenant was the only school they had ever known aside from preschool, and they loved it. In September, we learned that my husband received a job transfer to Charlotte. The children were apprehensive when we told them the news, in fact, my 4th grader burst into tears. Change is hard, especially when life is good! In addition to a wonderful school, we had a great neighborhood, a thriving church, and competitive soccer teams. The boys had friends they’d known since birth, so the thought of starting over in a new place was overwhelming!

"...the thought of starting over in a new place was overwhelming!"


As we began planning for our move, we immediately began looking for Christian schools in the suburban Charlotte area. We were drawn to WCCS from the beginning. We really wanted the boys to be in a covenant school, where their peers would be coming from other like minded families and where the faculty and staff would partner with us in raising our children to know and love the Lord. It was clear WCCS was going to be the perfect fit for our family.

We decided the easiest way to help them transition would be to have them start at WCCS after Christmas break. As much as I knew they would be taken care of, it was hard leaving them that first day! I prayed a lot for them during that time, that the Lord would bring them new friends and help them to feel at home in their new surroundings. In no time at all, they adjusted to WCCS.

"I prayed a lot for them during that time..."


As some of our WCCS families might be new to our school, I thought it might be fun to give some insight and tips for new families adjusting to WCCS. Hopefully, this will put you (and your student!) at ease about starting new at WCCS.

  • The faculty and staff are so welcoming and kind. We were able to meet their teachers when we toured and then again when we came in for our family interview. Their teachers were so sweet and very approachable with any questions or concerns we had. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher via email and be assured you’ll get a quick response. In the front office at the Lower School, Amy Scott is an excellent resource for any general questions or concerns you may have. She is so sweet and gentle with the children! We really appreciated it when she took care of our very disappointed 1st grader when he misspelled his word during the Spelling Bee. At the Upper School, Katie Tassy is a great resource for any questions or concerns you may have.

  • The other students were really good about including the boys in their circles and even inviting them for after school play dates. Our 6th grader was assigned a “buddy” who helped him learn the ropes of middle school. We have found the families at WCCS to be very friendly! There is an online directory you can access for contact info.

  • After school activities are a great way to engage with families outside of school. Our middle son was on the Art Team, which meets monthly after school. Our oldest son was on the crew for the annual school play, Fiddler on the Roof. This helped him make several new friends as they invested lots of time into the production.

  • Lastly, and most importantly, I encourage you to pray with and for your children about the year ahead. Pray for your child’s teacher and friends. Encourage your children to be the kind of friend they want to have. Pray that your child will grow in wisdom and knowledge. And, lastly, remind your child how blessed he/she is to be a part of the WCCS family.

Blessings from my family to yours!

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