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August 09, 2017
By Baxter Morgan



If you’ve ever roamed the halls of WCCS, you most likely have heard the exclamation “YAY, SCHOOL!” There’s a good chance you heard it from one particular individual, too. “Yay, school!” is the ultimate slogan for our Head of School, Scott Dillon. Many of our teachers and students are sharing the same sentiment for the 2017-2018 school year. Here’s what some of they said they are looking forward to:

"I am looking forward to meeting new people and growing closer to God." – John Rutland, 7th grade

“I can’t wait to see all my students!” – Sara Pence, middle and high school math

"This year we are looking forward to making new friends at WCCS. We’re most looking forward to being on the soccer team and having a good season” – Jake and Josh Monroe, 6th grade

“I am looking forward to trying new things in the classroom and growing as a teacher this school year.” –Mrs. Lindemann, high school English

“This year I’m looking forward to finishing senior year and graduating from WCCS!” – Chapman Petty

“This is Ellie’s, my daughter, senior year, and I’m really excited for her. I’m also looking forward to trying some new and different things in the classroom for my classes. This year holds a lot of opportunities with Habitat for Humanity, and I look forward to getting my students outside the classroom showing the love of Jesus.” – John Krueger, high school Bible

“As a mom of two boys, I am thrilled about the brand new trucks in the sand house.” – Missy Osborn, Lower School receptionist

You, too, can share with us your enthusiasm about a new school year! WCCS families, look for your “YAY, SCHOOL!” sign in the mail, snap a photo with it, and share on social media. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and use the hashtags #welovewccs and #yayschool!