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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Lower Campus New Family: The Coulter Family

September 08, 2017
By Julie Weldon
Jessica, Ben, Emma & Matthew Coulter

The new school year is off to a great start here at WCCS and we are so excited to have many new students enrolled this year!  I recently spoke with the Coulter family, who joined WCCS this year and asked them if they would be willing to share their experiences as a new family joining our school.  The Coulters have a daughter Emma in 4th grade and a son Matthew in 2nd grade.  We are blessed to also have Matthew and Emma’s mom Jessica serving as one of our 4K teachers!   I asked the Coulters a few questions about what it was like to come to WCCS for the first time:

As a student/parent, how does your experience at WCCS compare to previous school experiences:

"The teachers are so nice and caring here. They really love me and care about me. Since there aren't as many students in our class, it was easier to make friends... and my friends here are nice too! You also get to know each other really well because there aren't as many kids in our class. Our class is so peaceful. We get to read in a fun loft with twinkle lights on while we listen to soft music. It's just really peaceful." - Emma
"We can't even describe what a blessing WCCS is already to our family. For the first time our kids are really known here at WCCS. Their hearts and souls are being cared for each day... not just their minds. They are treasured as part of the group and as a special child of God. Our son suffered from a lot of anxiety last year. He woke up every school day with a stomach ache; worried about tests and what the day might be like. This year, he hasn't been sick with stress a single day (although we have found that the standards and academic expectations are high here.) We love how our children are surrounded by loving, godly men and women who truly care about them – men and women who show them how God is at work all around them and how He wants them to be a part of the adventure of serving others by serving Him." - Ben and Jessica

What did you find most surprising about WCCS:

"How much I love my teacher already! I was also surprised at how much I love going to chapel and worshiping together as a class." - Emma
"I was surprised how much better the day goes when we all get to pray together in the morning as a group. It starts the day off right." - Matthew
"I was most surprised with how authentic and caring everyone truly is here. They really do want to get to know every family that is a part of WCCS and live life together. We love truly partnering with a school that helps our children see God in everything from math and science to art and music... to everything else in the world around them." - Jessica

Were you nervous/scared as a new student/parent here? How did the WCCS community make you feel welcome and a part of the family:

"I was really scared at first but everyone was so encouraging from the very first day. When we got out of the car at drop off, everyone just had encouraging words to say to us so it made me feel a lot better. Then we got to have a lot of rug time just to get to know everyone in our class and our teachers let us make a lot of our own choices which helped a lot." - Emma
"Our kids were very nervous about the transition. The entire school helped with the transition in ways that we will never forget. At our parent interview, Dr. Jolly went the extra mile to get us connected with families our age before school started. This showed her true care for the hearts of our children in that way went above and beyond anything else she could have done. Several families reached out to us the weeks leading up to the first day of school and by the time that first day arrived both of our children could hardly wait to see their friends!" - Jessica

What would you tell someone who was interested in coming to WCCS:

"It's a great place to worship and to also learn school stuff at the same time. It's like church and school together." - Emma
"You get to do a lot of fun things like chapel and lots of specials. All of the teachers are really nice and you get ice cream too!" - Matthew

WCCS exists to “educate students to bless our world as disciples of Christ.” In what ways do you feel that WCCS is helping you be more ready to go out and bless others:

"I think WCCS is helping me be more ready to go out and bless others because they are teaching me about God every day. They also let us give some of our time during the day to just learn about Him and to pray for others. When we have our Bible story time we talk about when God is our foundation we can be like the Bible person we are learning about. We can live like they did to serve God today too." - Emma
"I think WCCS is helping me be more ready because it's helping me build my foundation on the Rock. God gives us life and He wants us to build our house on rock. If you build your life on sand when it rains and there are tough things that happen you will be hurt and your house will be destroyed. So it helps us, our life, and others' lives when we live with our foundation on Him." - Matthew

Thank you so much Emma, Matthew, Ben, and Jessica for sharing your heart with us!  It encourages us all to know that WCCS is already making a positive impact on your lives.  We hope that this school year will continue to be a blessing to you and to all of our new families! YAY SCHOOL!