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J. Scott Morgan Scholarship

October 19, 2017
By Baxter and Ann Morgan

Scott Morgan was father to three WCCS alumni. For many years, he was a loyal supporter of WCCS, having served as a member of the Board, a proud cheerleading dad, and even a substitute teacher. Read here about his family’s “journey of faith” during his battle with cancer through the words of his wife, Ann Morgan.

The Morgan Family
The Morgan Family

The week of April 7, 2014 began as most other weeks with the exception that Scott, my husband, was beginning his second round of antibiotics and steroids for his “allergies” (or so we thought). Scott went to work Monday morning, but as the morning wore on, he went to his parents’ home just blocks from his office to rest. Scott’s brother, Dr. Todd Morgan, saw Scott late in the afternoon, ran some blood work, and immediately had Scott admitted to the hospital due to his blood counts. After 3 units of blood and 1 of platelets and an overnight stay, Scott was transferred to Presbyterian Hospital in Charlotte. After multiple tests, the doctors diagnosed Scott with Burkitt Lymphoma Leukemia.

As a family, we developed a plan of action and worked the plan! Scott began his first chemotherapy treatment on April 11, thus beginning our “journey of faith.” Sometimes, the plan we develop does not go the way we expect, but God goes before us, walks beside us, and hems us in with his love and care. After seven months of chemotherapy, hospitalizations, spinal taps, two brain surgeries, bone marrow tests, and several trips to the emergency room, Scott was healed…not the way we expected but rather with a new, eternal body free of pain or hurt. On October 25, 2014, we celebrated Scott’s “homecoming.”

"Sometimes, the plan we develop does not go the way we expect, but God goes before us..."


Through this journey, we learned as a family that the Lord is faithful no matter our circumstances. We held on to the phrase “Eternal Glory > Cancer.” As Believers, we are promised a future glory of which Paul writes in Romans 8. And as weak and fallible jars of clay (2 Corinthians 4:7-17), we hold the true and powerful message of Salvation inside of us. And although we are faced with great suffering, Paul writes in 2 Corinthians about the power of what we hold inside of us in the face of persecution, sickness, etc. God’s gracious promise of eternal glory outweighs all the troubles of this world and “causes thanksgiving to overflow to the glory of God.”

"The Lord is faithful, no matter our circumstances."


Scott’s greatest passion was living out his faith as a family man totally dedicated to his wife, three children, parents, and extended family. He thrived on helping others – sometimes with a kind word of correction or instruction, guidance on a career, and even advice on dating and selecting your future spouse. Scott had a heart for young people in pursuit of their calling in life. It was not unusual for him to email one of the children’s friends advising them on the upcoming semester’s course load – encouraging them to take the harder path that would in the long-run better prepare them for their goals.

In honor of Scott’s memory, our family has decided to preserve his legacy of loving others and helping them discover God’s calling on their life through the J. Scott Morgan Scholarship Fund at WCCS. Our prayer is to see WCCS graduates prayerfully discerning the Lord’s call of how to serve others after they leave WCCS.

The Morgan Family and WCCS are excited to share that the first scholarship will be awarded in January 2018. The J. Scott Morgan Scholarship will be awarded annually to one WCCS alumnus/a enrolled in a degree-seeking program at a collegiate institution.

Click here for more information or to apply for the scholarship. For those of you interested in donating to the J. Scott Morgan Scholarship Fund click here.


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