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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Advent Season of Kindness

December 13, 2017
By Jennifer Polston

This holiday season, WCCS middle school students are encouraging one another with simple acts of kindness. 


Advent Calendar
Advent Kindness Calendar

To celebrate the Advent season, students have been challenged to care well for one another through a series of kindness prompts each day. Each time they reach out to another student with an act of kindness, they earn a "link" to be added to an Advent chain that is decorating the middle school hallway. The activity has been meaningful to many of our middle schoolers as they have been able to share Christ's love with their fellow peers in some really practical ways. Here is what some of them have had to say about the activity!

"During the time of Advent Season of Kindness, I learned that being kind is not that easy, and there are many different ways to be kind. One way was to show patience to someone or show mercy to someone. In class, I showed patience by waiting for my friend to finish stapling their papers. I also showed mercy by giving a friend another chance to do the right thing." - Nick Whitfield

"On December 7, we had to take 10 minutes to really listen to someone. I took 10 minutes to listen to a quiet girl in my class. I knew her name and we were acquainted, but I knew nothing about her. I sat next to her and listened. She is now one of my good friends. I learned that she loves music and plays the piano. She loves art and is actually a 6th grader on the varsity cheerleading team. She is really pretty and super kind. Thanks to the motivation of the advent season of kindness, she is now my good friend." - McKenzie Brockelbank

Advent Links
Middle school Advent links.

"My kindness link was 'forgive somebody that has wronged you.' I did mine on my little sister. [I forgave her] when we got in a fight. After every fight, I always forgive my sister or my brother, because that's what God wants us to do." - Walker Norman

"The Advent Season of Kindness has taught me a lot about showing patience and kindness with others. I showed patience to someone in STEM class. A boy was really getting on my nerves. He was putting stuff in my hair, yelling at me, not working, and taking all the parts to our project. I was so mad and I was about to yell, but I remembered God wants us to show patience with others. This project has taught me a lot about being kind to others." - Chloe Nosal

As you and your families prepare your hearts for the celebration of the birth of our savior, we invite you to join with us in practicing acts of kindness to those around you! Imagine what a blessing you and your family might be to someone, and how you might teach your children what it really means to celebrate and show the love of Christ to the world around us this Christmas season. It doesn't have to be something big (as our middle schoolers have shown us!) Sometimes, the most simple acts of kindness and mercy can touch a heart in need. Here are a few fun ideas, and as always, feel free to share your own in the comments below!

  • Take a neighbor a fully cooked meal one evening
  • Play a game you don't normally enjoy because you know it will make a sibling happy
  • Do chores for each other without being asked
  • Buy ice cream for all the kids at Chick-fil-A
  • Take cookies to a local police or fire station
  • Visit a nursing home and sing carols
  • Smile at as many people as you can in Walmart
  • Pay for a stranger's meal at a drive thru
  • Tape change to a vending machine
  • Give treats to your mail carrier
  • Call or FaceTime a faraway relative to say hello
  • Clean up a mess you didn't make