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ReFuel Recap

January 05, 2018
By John Furrow, Upper School Principal

The Upper School begins every new calendar year with a time of spiritual renewal and reflection called ReFuel. This is a time for us as a school to come together with a focus on worship and being challenged by God’s Word. For this three-day event we bring in guests to lead us and challenge us. This year we have been led in worship by Kyle and Lisa Cooper, worship leaders from Lakeshore Christian Fellowship. Their unique gifts have allowed us to leave behind the distractions of the school day and focus on the goodness and love of our Heavenly Father.

Our speaker this year has been Rev. Clay Thompson, pastor of St. Jude Missional Anglican Church in Huntersville, NC. On the first day we talked about finding the answer to the question “Who Am I?” The second day we talked about the question, “Who is God?” Day three is all about what we need to do with the answers to these two questions. These have been powerful and meaningful times to consider the love, grace, and purpose God has for our lives. I invite you to experience ReFuel for yourself through the  link below to Facebook Live. Also, spend some time talking with your students about what they learned this week. Here are some suggestions to start the conversation and to go further than simply asking, "what did you learn at ReFuel?"

  • What is something you learned about your identity in Christ?
  • Do you feel God is calling you to something unique in your own personal journey through life?
  • What is something you will do differently because of what you learned this week?
  • As your parent, how can I help remind you of the things you have learned in the weeks, months, years to come?

Click here for Day 1

ReFuel Day 1

Click here for Day 2

ReFuel Day 2

Click here for Day 3