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A Day in the Life at WCCS - 11th Grader Joel Haley

March 16, 2018
By 11th Grader, Joel Haley
Joel Haley

Ever wonder what it's really like to be a student at WCCS? We are continuing with our "Day in the Life" blog series where we give readers the opportunity to hear from one of our students on what it is like to learn, play, serve, and worship at WCCS! This week, 11th grader Joel Haley shares what a typical day is like for him at the Upper School.


Bible StudyBefore School Devotions (7:30 a.m.)

Arriving at the lower campus, I wait for my two friends Haidyn and Ann Preston to come. As they arrive we go over the plans we have made for the fourth and fifth grade weekly devotions that we lead together. We walk into the gym and await the elementary school students to gather. Then we walk to our room with our teacher sponsor, Mrs. Hunter. We gather together and we lead them in a time of devotion, going over our topic of unity in Christ, taking prayer requests at the end.

This time always makes my day and fills me with joy. It is such a blessing to see these younger students taking a real appreciation of the Lord.

Joel & Deanne RegierFirst Period - AP U.S. History (7:56 a.m.)

After our devotions, we leave to head back to the upper campus. As we arrive we come to our first period class, history. We sit down and start our journal entries that are up on the board. We then begin to take notes from the always enthusiastic Ms. Regier, who instills in us a passion for history. She shows us that we must consider the past to plan for the future. Through lessons, such as the ones we learned from World War II, we see how poor leadership and corrupt ideals can lead to poor decisions and horrible events, and we learn how we can avoid this in our own lives.



Spanish 3Second Period - Spanish 3 Honors (8:47 a.m.)

The bell rings and I head to Spanish class. We gather our folders and begin on our morning work, translating or answering Spanish questions on the board. I always enjoy Ms. Janaveich’s fun lesson plans, including telestrations, where we compete in groups to see who can draw and translate the words the fastest.





MathThird Period - PreCalculus Honors (9:38 a.m.)

After the bell rings, we head over to our pre-calculus math class, where we are greeted by Mrs. Kendrick. We start with some board work, where we go to the whiteboards to work on math problems before class, and then move on to the lesson, where the animated and passionate Mrs. Kendrick teaches us a new lesson in math. Through her enthusiasm, chants, and passion for math, we learn different principles and apply them to various problems. We continue to do math and do some homework until class is done.



PhysicsFourth Period - AP Physics (10:29 a.m.)

We then move on to Physics, where we gather around to talk to our teacher, Mr. Cooke, until class starts. Then we take our seats and get out our lab journals. We then finish off the rest of class doing our lab and reporting it in our journals, expressing some specific rule of physics. Right now we are considering how waves move through different mediums, observing the wave generator creating visible waves through the string, which provides a great visual representation of what we have been learning in our class.




BibleFifth Period - Bible (11:20 a.m.)

After Physics we head to Bible and are welcomed by our teacher Mr. Krueger. We begin by having a fun class discussion about a current topic, then he takes prayer requests and we start our lesson. He teaches us about our life calling and we take notes on the lesson he is presenting. He helps hold the Bible closely to our daily lives and circumstances. We then head to lunch after the bell rings.





LunchLunch (12:07 p.m.)

Lunch is a great time to take a break and catch up with friends. We can order hot lunch or bring our own. We get some great hot lunches that come from the kitchen at Westminster Presbyterian Church. The school also orders from Papa Johns, Golden China, and Lee's Chicken. I like to order when it's pizza day!





EnglishSixth Period - AP English (12:41 p.m.)

After lunch, we head to sixth period, English. Here our teacher, Mrs. Lindemann, discusses various literary elements such as schemes, tropes, and rhetoric with the class. We have in depth class discussions where we apply all of these literary devices to various situations.





Finding God in FilmSeventh Period - Finding God in Film (1:32 p.m.)

After English class we start our elective periods. For seventh period, I go to “Finding God in Film”, where we have been watching Indiana Jones and discussing biblical themes seen throughout the movie, such as good beating evil and the uncommon hero. This class is always a nice, relaxing break.





Study HallEighth Period - Study Hall (2:23 p.m.)

After Finding God in Film I head to my last period of the day, Study Hall. This class is usually filled with either finishing homework that I received throughout the day, or playing games with friends. This period can be a real-life saver on some days that are filled with lots of homework. Today we played several games including card games such as Gin or Spit, which is always fun.





SwimAfter School (3:10 p.m.)

After eighth period lets out, I go to the Student Council meetings that are on Wednesdays. Then I head to swimming practice where we work hard learning different aspects of swimming, especially strokes and drills. The practices are hard but are always a rewarding experience by the end. After swimming I head home and finish the night off with some homework.

I love WCCS for many reasons. It offers great relationships between the faculty and the students, allowing for more personal connections and friendships to grow between us. It also really promotes a Christian worldview, and it is easy to tell the teachers have a passion for Christ that they show to us through daily experiences. These connections and friendships that are rooted in a Christ-centered worldview have helped me to grow as a Christian and reach a more personal level of relationship with Christ.

Nancy O’Neal says:
March 21, 2018 09:18 AM CST

Great overview of your day, Joel. Nothing like a Christian education. It sounds like you are a young man who has the right priorities in life. Thanks so much for sharing your story and best wishes in your future endeavors.

Barbara Haley says:
March 23, 2018 08:49 PM CST

Loved your day. miss you