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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ



May 25, 2018
By Scott Dillon, Head of School

One of our special traditions at WCCS for each graduating class is the Senior Dinner. As this year's speaker for the Class of 2018, Mark Watts shared some words of encouragement with our soon-to-be-graduates and their families.  In doing so, he focused on the “WHY?” questions of life, and the longing for purpose. 


As we end another school year, one filled with many highs but also some challenges, I have encouraged our faculty and staff to consider the same question - "WHY?" I challenge you to take a few minutes and watch the video below and then consider the question for your student and family at WCCS.

Mark Watts

Unlimited Grace
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Mark challenged those in attendance at Senior dinner to consider their purposes in life – and then argued that WCCS has prepared them for purpose by educating our students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ. God has indeed hard-wired us for purpose and more than just for learning, teaching, or even serving. It is my prayer that everything we do be rooted in a desire to glorify Christ because of his unending love for us.

With this in mind, I welcome you to join me this summer in reading a book entitled Unlimited Grace by author Bryan Chappell. This is a tremendous book that talks about how God's unlimited grace poured out on us should lead us unto heartfelt obedience to Him. As a teaser, I'd like to suggest that it too answers the question "WHY?" Why are we motivated to serve and obey Him? As Chapell states, "God's grace motivates our behavior; our behavior does not manufacture his grace. We live in response to his love, not to qualify for it or to make him produce it." 

Through social media discussions during the summer and a parent discussion night on Monday, August 13, we will be talking about how we can apply the concepts in this book to school and family life. You can be a part of the discussion by searching "Westminster Catawba Christian School Summer Book Club" on Facebook. Just click "join" and we will add you to our discussion group. You can download the flyer here. Please contact us for your free copy of the book. We will be giving away 40 free books, first come, first serve!

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