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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


A Few Thoughts from Upper School Assistant Principal, Michelle Embry

September 20, 2018
By Michelle Embry

In this week’s blog, we are excited to have our new Upper School Assistant Principal, Michelle Embry, share some of her heart as she reflects on her own calling as a Christian school educator, and what she hopes this will bring to the students of WCCS.


As I look back over the twenty years of Christian school service the Lord has given me, I am confident that every step of the way the Lord has been preparing me for the next call that he has on my life. Most recently, this has brought me to this outstanding school, and I am so excited as I join the Westminster Catawba Christian School community. I have really enjoyed getting to know everyone in these first few weeks of school!

Michelle Embry
In addition to serving as Assistant Principal, Michelle Embry
teaches 7th grade grammar and coaches volleyball!

It is such a high honor and a special task to lead and disciple those children and teens the Lord has given to us. It’s also a lot of fun!  The fact that educators are placed in a learning environment with our students for such a sustained amount of time each day and over the course of the year, creates a setting in which we can love them well and speak verbal and non-verbal life-affirming messages into their hearts. As Christian educators at WCCS, this is a calling that we do not take lightly!

My desire for the Upper School students at WCCS is that they fully understand that their identity and worth is based on who they are IN CHRIST…that they are beautiful image bearers of God.  It isn’t based on academic, athletic, or musical performance.  It isn’t based on how well they obey our rules.  It isn’t based on the number of extra-curricular activities they involve themselves.  I want our students to know they are invaluable to us because they are invaluable to God. 

"I want our students to know they are invaluable to us because they are invaluable to God."


It is very easy to make a statement like the one made above; but a much harder thing to truly communicate it to students, because in order for this message to be received, it takes time.  Students must hear the message of their value communicated in many ways and through many circumstances - when they do well, when they mess up, when they feel proud of themselves and when they disappoint themselves. The message of their great value must be communicated during exciting times and mundane times.  Regardless of the circumstances of their lives, we, as Christian educators of WCCS, must pursue our students in a steady, constant, even relentless manner - so that our pursuit further communicates the message of their great value in Christ.

This call of reaching out and investing into others is placed upon all believers; however, as Christian school educators, we are tasked to do this as a part of our job!  It is an absolute thrill and a privilege.  Would you pray for us as we use every day classroom opportunities to reach the hearts of your children?