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The Importance of the Church in Your Student's Life

October 11, 2019
By Mike Honeycutt, Senior Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church

In honor of Pastors' Appreciation Month, and leading up to our Pastors' Appreciation Chapel on Tuesday, October 15 at the Lower School, we have invited Mike Honeycutt, Senior Pastor of our partner ministry, Westminster Presbyterian Church, to share with us a few words on the importance of the Church in your student's life.


Mike Honeycutt
Mike Honeycutt
Senior Pastor, WPC

Growing up in the sixties, I had no clue there was anything other than public school.  My parents went to public school; they in turn sent my sisters and me to public school.  And I doubt there was any discussion about that—it’s just what you did where we grew up. 

By the time our children came along, however, my wife, Judy, and I were presented with options for educating our children that our parents didn’t have.  And we took advantage of most of them—at times homeschooling, at other times, public schooling, and for a good bit of our children’s early years, Christian schooling.  We even considered the local private school for our middle child.  Each year for each child, we sought to make the best choice based on their individual needs and the education options available to us.

If life were as it was meant to be, however (think pre-fall conditions), all education would be distinctively and thoroughly Christian.  Parents would teach their children what it looks like to love God as they demonstrate that love in the home (Deuteronomy 6:5-7).  And the school would support that effort, adding breadth and depth to the endeavor as each field of study becomes a way to communicate something about God’s world, God’s character, and God’s ways.

As important as the home and school are to the education of our children, however, neither can take the place of the Church.  The Bible never describes the home or the school as the family of God.  That designation is reserved for the Church.  The ability to speak of God as our Father, Jesus as our brother, and us as God’s adopted children, is reserved for those who are part of God’s family, which is His Church.

"As important as the home and school are to the education of our children, however, neither can take the place of the church."


Kids at WPC


If that sounds like a sales pitch for the Church, it is.  Why?  Because it is to the Church that God has entrusted the gospel of Jesus Christ, which brings about new life in Christ; it is to the Church that God has given the sacraments (baptism and communion) which nourish and confirm that new life; and it is to the Church that God has provided brothers and sisters who help us experience more and more of that new life (“our sanctification,” as one person put it, “is a community project”). 

So, if you don’t already have a Church home, please find one.  Get involved in a congregation close enough to home that you can regularly participate in its ministries.  And if Westminster Presbyterian Church is close by, we’d love for you to try us out.  You’ll find us a family that increasingly recognizes our shortcomings but, at the same time, a family that wants to become like the Christ we follow.

If you would like more information on our partner ministry, Westminster Presbyterian Church, or their worship services, please visit the link below! Also, if you haven't already rsvp'd your own Pastor to our lower school Pastor Appreciation Chapel, you can do so at


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