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Your Gift Becomes a Story!

November 05, 2019
By Lisa Barlow, Director of Development
Lisa Barlow
Lisa Barlow
WCCS Director of Development

Check out this week's blog from WCCS Director of Development, Lisa Barlow, as she shares how YOU can be a part of a great story and impact lives for Eternity!


As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts naturally turn towards Christmas and gift-giving.  I often thumb through the multitude of gift catalogs out of curiosity and a vague hope that, buried somewhere deep inside, will be that ONE PERFECT GIFT to give someone this year… If only I could find it. 

It pleases us, just like it pleases the Father, to give good things, things that will be cherished.   

What if we could give a gift this year that would last forever?


Is that not an intriguing idea? To give a gift that would impact lives for all eternity? 

His story is just beginning
His story is just beginning.

At WCCS, we talk a lot about “our story.”  As a Christian school, we get to “tell a better story.”  We tell the mega-story of how we serve a Lord Who would rather die than live without us.  And within that mega-story lie hundreds of smaller but hugely significant stories of relationships redeemed, nature restored, and culture impacted.  Using excellent academics, arts, and athletics as platforms, teachers and coaches work intentionally to create frameworks of understanding by which our students can make sense of the world, and then work within God’s master plan of redemption in order to tell that better story. 

They are learning to think creatively.
They are learning to think creatively with
their hands.

As an example, there is a biblical mandate to have dominion over the earth.  How do we discover things about the earth over which we are to have dominion?  Through science.  And what is the language of science?  Math.  And how do we communicate what we’ve learned?  Through language arts.  Nothing is ever random or irrelevant with God, so nothing is ever random or irrelevant with Christian education.

Our teachers work diligently to ensure that students never wonder, “why do I have to learn this, anyway?”  But this takes resources, and in order to do it with excellence, it takes more resources than what is provided by tuition dollars. 

Her future is an open book
Her future is an open book.

Every school tells a story, intended or not.  We want to continue to tell the better story.  And we invite you to be an important part of telling that better story.  Your donation to the Annual Generosity Campaign will help impact learning by providing up-to-date technology, athletic equipment, facilities improvements, and so many other enhancements to your child’s learning.  And as your child’s education is enhanced, he or she is better equipped to serve the King.  And serving the King impacts lives for eternity. Your gift becomes a story in these children’s lives.  It’s a gift that lasts forever.

By now, you will have received an Annual Generosity Campaign invitation in the mail. I invite you to join with us in providing the very best experiences for your student so that he or she goes forth to make a name for Jesus Christ.  We invite you to help us tell the better story. Won’t you consider partnering with us by participating in this year’s Annual Generosity Campaign? It’s a gift that lasts forever.


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