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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Parents, You Are Called to Be a Family "on Mission"

December 05, 2019
By Jessica Coulter, 4th Grade Teacher

At WCCS, we believe there is no better way to show the love of Christ to our local community than to roll up our sleeves and be the "hands and feet" of Jesus. For this reason, our faculty and staff are intentional about incorporating service into our curriculum and making it an everyday part of school life, classroom discussions, lessons, and activities.


Samaritan's Purse
Varsity Soccer Team Serving at
Samaritan's Purse

We have had several great service projects recently at both the upper and lower school. Our seniors traveled to the Bethel Men's Warming Center as part of their fall senior service day in October and just last week, our Varsity Soccer Team served at Samaritan's Purse, helping to box up 50K shoebox gifts to be sent to the countries of Colombia and Peru. Before Thanksgiving, 4th graders spent some time serving at a local soup kitchen and participating in our "Box City" project. The week prior, another group of lower school students stuffed pillows for cancer patients and spent some time writing notes of encouragement and praying for these families. 

Box City
4th Grade Box City Project

Parents, did you know that Christ has called you to be a family "on mission?" As a school, it is our hope that serving others would become a way of life for our students - that they would truly seek to bless those around them as they notice needs arise in their own families and community. For this week's blog, we have invited 4th grade teacher, Jessica Coulter, to share her thoughts on how you can allow God to use your family to impact the world for Christ.

Jessica Coulter
Jessica Coulter
4th Grade Teacher

This week launches the first week of Advent… a time to draw closer to Christ as we prepare to celebrate His birth as well as His second coming.  As we draw closer to Him, how can we as families join Him in His mission of sharing His story of redemption with the world?  From His birth in a humble stable to His death on a rustic cross and ultimately His resurrection, Christ lived in mission with His family; His earthly family as well as His extended family, a group of tax collectors, fishermen, and women who ultimately would change the world by living out His Father’s mission to be the light in the darkness.  As you see the lights of Christmas around you this season, look for ways to be that light in the darkness by sharing His love and joining Him in His mission!

Since God is the creator of the family unit and calls us to live missionally, what does living as a family on mission actually look like?  It looks like living out our everyday lives for Him in such a way that we share His love with those around us by simply living life with Him and others… wherever He places us… on the playground for a playdate, at the ballet studio, on the soccer field, and around the dinner table.  To help live out this missional calling, it might help to think about the things that families on mission have in common.

  1. Families on Mission look for ways to share Christ in the everyday moments.  That might include a few more people around the dinner table sharing in a meal… a few more kiddos in the carpool for moms and dads to help each other in the busyness of life…. or a few more teenagers invited to a special outing as a way to use every moment as a discipleship moment.

  2. Families on Mission look for ways to serve together… regardless of age.  Serving together might include making no-sew blankets or blessing bags for the homeless… packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child… picking out food at the grocery store together to donate to a local food shelter… and more!  Talk as a family and see what God lays on your hearts to do together!

  3. Families on Mission look for ways to share God’s love to those around them through simple acts of kindness.  These simple acts of kindness could include raking leaves for a neighbor who might be unable to do so, making cookies for the local fire station, making cards for the retirement home… the opportunities are endless!  

  4. Families on Mission share the story that God is writing in their own lives with each other.  They share what He is doing in their hearts with those around them by sharing their joys and struggles and in doing so offer encouragement to other families who might be celebrating or struggling as well. 

  5. Families on Mission live authentic life together in community.  Just like Christ ate with His disciples, spent time with His disciples, and prayed with His disciples, He asks us to do the same with those around us.  As parents, how do we live authentic life with our children as well as other families in our circles?  As a school family, how do we extend the invitation to other families in our classrooms to live authentic life as well?

Jesus changed the world over 2000 years ago by living life in mission with His extended family.  He is continuing to change the world today in that same way.  He invites us to join in sharing His story with the world… by living closely with Him as we live everyday lives in the family in which God has placed us.  How will your family change the world around you this Christmas season by joining Him in His mission of spreading the light of hope, peace, joy, and love in the darkness of the world around us?  He is going to use your family in amazing ways and in the process change not only the world around you but the hearts of your own family as well!

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