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Prepare to REFUEL!

December 18, 2019
By WCCS Chaplain, Jake Tassy
Tassy Family
The Tassy Family

In this week's blog, WCCS School Chaplain, Jake Tassy, has a special invitation to WCCS families, students, and friends to join us over Christmas break in preparing our hearts for our spiritual emphasis week, REFUEL! There is also an opportunity for you to help us bless our local community! Check it out below!


Bat Ornament
My daughter's bat

I love Christmas traditions. Each year, my wife Katie and I get our kids an ornament marking something that either happened or was symbolic of their year.  The ornaments have ranged from silly to serious but are always a reminder and an opportunity to reflect on God’s constant presence in our family’s life. One year, we had bats in our attic – right above my daughter’s room! We found out that bats are a protected species and we had to wait for them to finish nesting and naturally leave the attic by a one-way tube put in by our exterminator. As you can imagine, hearing baby bats practicing their take-offs and landings on the attic floor was a fun bedtime ordeal! We eventually got the hole closed after about 3 months. Guess what ornament my daughter received that year? Yep, a bat! I wanted it to serve as a silly reminder to her that God protected her and calmed her fears while those bats were partying above her head. My kiddos are close to the age that when they end up spreading their own wings and leaving the house, they can take all of their ornaments with them. We are almost there with our first child. Time flies.

Refuel is always a great time of worship and 
spiritual renewal for students, faculty, and staff.

Our spiritual emphasis week, REFUEL, will be Wednesday, January 8 – Friday, January 10 when we return from Christmas break. Much like my giving of different ornaments to my children, my hope is that when we do events like these, it will cause a spiritual Ebenezer, or sign post – an ornament in the lives of our students that they will always remember. I invite you to join us during these 3 days and to begin praying right now that hearts will be impacted and lasting change created in the lives of our students. UPWARD. INWARD.ONWARD is the Refuel moto again this year. WPC Worship Director, Ryan Thomas,  will be leading us UPWARD in worship. Lead Pastor, Joe Davis from Grace Life in Sarasota, FL will be providing INWARD teaching using the story of David as well as his own personal testimony. He will be discussing the connection between repentance, confession, and closeness to Jesus. In addition, for the ONWARD portion of Refuel week, the Upper School will be holding a food drive for the Catawba Terrace Care Center and the Lower School will be collecting items for the Salvation Army Warming Center. I invite you all to bring in as many nonperishable goods as possible so we can reach out and bless some families in the local community. You can click on the links below for a list of needed items.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas as we are reminded that HE HAS COME (& will return again)! In the hustle and bustle of life, may we find complete JOY THAT He did come. Phil. 2:2 says “…then make my joy complete by being one mind, having the same love, being united in spirit and purpose.” To that end, please join me in prayer and expectation for Jesus to show up during Refuel week!

Upper School Catawba Terrace Care Center Drive Information

Lower School Salvation Army Warming Center Drive Information

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