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Prepared to Change the World - Update from Lane Christopher, Class of 2014 JSM Scholarship Recipient

February 19, 2020
By Lane Christopher, Class of 2014
Lane Christopher
Lane Christopher in London.

For this week's blog, we checked in with Lane Christopher, Class of 2014, the recipient of our James Scott Morgan Scholarship last year. Read on to find out how she used the scholarship to help fund a unique educational experience abroad! She also shares more of her plans for the future, and how she feels WCCS has prepared her to fulfill Christ's calling in her life!


Hey y’all! I am Lane Christopher, an alumna of WCCS from the class of 2014, and what they call a “lifer”. I earned my undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina in Political Science with a minor in Theater. Now, I am in my first semester of my second year at University of South Carolina School of Law to earn my J.D. I have so many interests, but healthcare and policy litigation remain at the forefront.  For my senior writing project, I am researching comparative healthcare law between Europe and the United States, specifically the issues of federalism associated with healthcare. If I become a healthcare law expert, I could assist in writing effective legislation to ensure the health and safety of this nation. By helping people gain coverage so they are protected when they need it most, I hope to further Christ’s mission. Christ was a warrior and a defender of those who could not help themselves, and I think as a lawyer I should use my degree to help others as often as I can.

Lane with Class
Lane with her class in London.

Last spring, I had an amazing opportunity to spend a Maymester in London, studying English legal history and comparative environmental law. The course happened right in the midst of Brexit, so I was at the center of the policy changes during the transition. We met with figureheads in various fields of English legal policy, as well as political experts who lectured on how Brexit is affecting environmental policy. I learned so much from this educational experience, and WCCS helped make this possible.  To help offset the costs of the program, I was awarded the J. Scott Morgan Scholarship from WCCS, named in memory of a cherished alumni parent who believed in the importance of preparing well for one’s calling in life.  This $1,000 scholarship was established by his family and is awarded annually to a young alumnus to help fund an internship, travel/study program, research opportunity, or like-minded experience that helps a graduate better determine the career or calling God has for his or her life.

Dining with barristers at Gray's Inn.

WCCS was such a blessing in my life, and I barely know where to start. The first time I experienced the power of this community bound together by Christ was in first grade.  I had reconstructive brain surgery that year, and I was so young I barely remember being in the hospital. What I do remember is the visitors at home while I was on bedrest and my teacher, Mrs. Adkins, coming to help me stay on track in school and to help my mom get some sleep. Oddly enough, the next year I came down with a severe pneumonia that caused a fluid cyst to build up in my lung. I remember my second grade teacher, Mrs. Watts, teaching me math at my kitchen table while I had to stay home. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was a situation very unique to WCCS, and had I been at another school, I could have easily been held back. These women took time away from their families to ensure my academic and personal success, not because they were told to, but because they wanted to show Christ’s love to me and my family.


Christopher Family
Lane with her mom and dad, Joe & Hali

Throughout the years, I was loved by so many teachers, students, and staff, but Ms. Regier definitely impacted my life the most. She was my AP U.S. History and Government/Economics teacher and is part of the reason I am in law school today. If you know her, you know she is definitely one of the most challenging teachers at WCCS. But, she is not tough in an arbitrary and undeserving way; she is tough because she expects you to show up to class prepared and ready to analyze what you have learned. She is tough because she expects the best work out of her students. She is tough because she works to ensure the success of every single student that passes through her classroom. She is tough because she relentlessly spreads the love of Christ through teaching, motivating, and nurturing students. She prepared me for law school by showing me how to be an excellent student, but also by showing me how to love others, helping them work hard to reach their goals.

I continue to struggle with migraines throughout my life, and especially did during my junior and senior years of high school. Ms. Regier learned how to read me and paid attention to my mood, and when I started falling apart, she would always help me any way she could. She would turn the lights off in class, make sure I had medicine, let me rest my head, and help me catch up if I had to go home. Moreover, she still to this day asks me about my health and tells me that she prays for my pain to remain manageable and minimal. I have never met a more genuine Christ-like woman, who deeply cares for and speaks truth to everyone she meets. I could never thank her enough for the many recommendation letters, the words of wisdom, the prayers, and the assistance she has given me over the years. There is a special place in everyone’s heart for their favorite teacher, and I am glad Ms. Regier fills that space in mine.

Thank you, Ms. Regier and WCCS for all of the love over the years. I never realized how important it was to be surrounded by people who love Christ, until I graduated and had to choose those people for myself. I am so proud to be a “lifer”, and I will always work to make my WCCS family proud.