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Online Learning Days

March 27, 2020
By Jennifer Polston, Communications Coordinator

Online Learning Days

We have heard from so many of you this week as both our teachers and our students have worked hard to adjust to the challenges and blessings of our transition to online learning. We wanted to share with you some words of encouragement that we have received and also say THANK YOU to our WCCS community as we continue to lean on one another to adapt, to teach, and to love one another well. We are praying for each of our families during this season! You gave thanks for:


The Efforts of Teachers, Administration & Staff:

  • "Your teachers are doing an amazing job!!  My child misses his teachers and classmates tremendously but the interaction provided through videos and Facebook has been wonderful. Thank you so much."

  • "I am absolutely amazed that within less than a week the software was in place, students picked up their needed supplies, classes had an opportunity to meet online, and everything was in place to start online school. Third graders not only have lesson plans in place but also links to a number of sites for extra help/practice when needed. Teachers have made themselves easily available to help students and families through all of this. This had to have taken MANY hours of work on the part of the administration and teachers of WCCS. Just another example of the love and dedication the folks at WCCS have for their students and families. How blessed our family is to be a part of such a wonderful organization!"

  • “I have been blown away by the amount of work, care, organization, and effort the teachers have put forth for my children during the transition to online learning. I have no doubt that my children are cared for and loved wholeheartedly, even in this new virtual learning environment”

  • "Just a quick note to commend you and your team on the great job navigating our current situation."

  • "Great things are happening during this difficult time. Way to go ya’ll!"

Continuing to Integrate Faith Into Online Learning:

  • “I can’t fully explain what it means to overhear my daughter’s zoom meetings end with prayer and “I love you guys’ from a teacher."

  • "Thank you for the many days and very late nights you have so tirelessly given to our children in preparation for online learning. Without hesitation, you have found ways to reach the minds and hearts of our children, your school babies, in record time. We recognize that this new situation will be a challenge for everyone. As parents, we will partner together with you in prayer and understanding. We see you! We appreciate you! We thank you!" 

Maintaining a Sense of Community:

  • "My child was THRILLED to see Mrs. Thickens and Mrs. Ferguson on a video! He waved at them. Almost made me cry. He misses them so.  He also loved hearing Mrs. Ferguson's voice on the phone."

  • "I’m so happy for online learning, you could hear the joy in my child's voice getting to talk to her friends! Thanks to all the teachers who have worked hard to get all of this in place."

  • “I’ve enjoyed connecting “virtually” with students and their families as we look to the future. Even though things are different right now, I’m so blessed to work at a school where our families are still top priority, and we have the tools to help students be successful and feel valued.”

  • "Thanks for checking in with us!  Considering the circumstances, we are doing really well.  We have been enjoying some much-needed time together and the slow down of life.  The teachers have been WONDERFUL!  They have posted videos, pictures, learning/fun ideas almost daily. I am excited that our teacher has also set up a Zoom meeting today for the class- I know my child will love seeing her face.  We definitely miss seeing everyone at school but have definitely felt their support and love during this time away."

  • "So grateful for technology that lets my child stay connected and have a little more normalcy during this not so normal time. She loved chatting with her friends and teacher."

Continued Academic Excellence:

  • "I cannot thank God enough for this opportunity to attend school at WCCS! It’s been a blessing and it’s times like these that I see around me how WCCS stands far above the rest!"

  • "The resources are fantastic, and we love the videos our student's teacher has created."

  • "I love to sing the praises of my child's Early Childhood teachers. They are so wonderful and check in with the parents. They send ideas and songs for their students to “work” on—as much as any 1-2 year old could do—but it is wonderful all the same.

  • "As a SEEK teacher, I have been a bit discouraged during these past two weeks. Like most teachers, I get my energy from the students. Then, I got two emails from parents that really brightened my day. First of all, the third quarter for all our gifted students is an independent study project. They can study anything they want for nine weeks. Then, they present what they have found in a product of research for his or her classmates. I have books, papers, posters, demonstrations, and PowerPoints. Well, two days ago, I had a parent tell me that her child decided to continue her research on Iceland at home. She is working on a new PowerPoint with additional information. If that was not enough, I had another parent email me that her child was working on a PowerPoint about SEEK. It tells why lower school students should join seek. It was great to see what she has been getting out of this class. Every time I have gotten down in the last 24 hours I think about these PowerPoints. You know you have gifted students when independent study is the height of their year. I always tell them that a student who masters independent study is never bored."

To all of our parents, students, teachers, and staff....KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! We are fully aware of both the blessings and challenges of online learning, but we are absolutely committed to seeing our community thrive in the days ahead. As an administration, we will continue to review your feedback and make adjustments as needed as we journey through this together. Thank you for your partnership in the Christian education of your children! We appreciate YOU.