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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Online Learning At Its Best!

April 20, 2020
By Jennifer Polston, Communications Coordinator

Online Learning

When teachers and administrators met over a month ago to devise a short term plan for the Christian education of your children to continue in an online format, it was certainly not our desire for this to be the reality for the remainder of the school year. While our hearts are breaking for the in-person fellowship that comes with learning and teaching alongside one another -  not to mention the realization that some of our most loved celebrations and programs, like our beloved spring musical, lower and upper school concerts and art shows, and of course, graduation, have been put on hold - we stand AMAZED for what God is continuing to do through our teachers and students. Online learning projects have stretched us creatively and encouraged us all, teachers and students alike, to think outside the box and the four walls of a typical classroom. While this transition may not be an easy one, our WCCS community stands together. What a blessing it is for our teachers to be able to use technology to ensure our students finish the academic school year strong and prepared for 2020-2021, while also providing the spiritual guidance needed to get them through this tough time.  

We thought we would give just a few highlights of some fun and creative learning projects that have been taking place in the last couple of weeks. Be sure to also check out our #blessingourworld posts on Facebook and Instagram for a look into how our students have been serving each other and their community lately!

Early Childhood Students Learning Colors, ABCs, & More Online!

Our Early Childhood team has been working hard from the start of our online transition to develop age-appropriate activities and lesson plans for our "littles" to continue their learning and skill building at home. Weekly ZOOM meetings, video posts from teachers, and the creation of class Facebook groups has helped maintain a sense of community and "normalcy" as students and teachers have the opportunity to see each other, catch up, practice skills, sing songs together, and share at home projects with one another. We have been amazed and thank God for the partnership that has grown between teachers and parents over the course of these few weeks.

PreK Collage

PreK Teachers

Elementary Students Find Ways to Serve Others and Explore Nature!

One of our favorite elementary projects this past week has been our 5th grade service learning activity of blessing the community around them. Students have outstretched their hearts and efforts to their neighbors, family, friends, essential workers, and more by making goody bags, sending encouraging notes and Bible verses, making humorous gifts, and finding other special ways of serving from a distance. Lower school students have also had the chance to explore the world around them in their own backyards with siblings and parents, making fun art projects out of things in nature, and learning hands-on science activities. ZOOM calls with teachers and fellow class mates have been filled with lots of laughter, smiling faces, and guidance as teachers and students continue to support each other academically and spiritually through technology.

Elementary Collage

Middle School Students Stretch Their Brains!

Our middle schoolers have been learning about the advantages of using simple machines to help with work. They created their own books about the topic and made videos to share their work with fellow classmates! Check this out!

Some of our other middle school students have been making documentaries. One of our students even used a drone to make his video!  So cool! In Life Science, students have been learning about the senses and the nervous system. They created their own optical illusion this week and talked about how sometimes, our senses can be fooled!

drone pic
Asher Schenkl created a documentary about COVID-19 with his drone! So cool!
Don't let Kinsley's optical illusion fool you!


High Schoolers Get Creative While They Are At Home!

Our high schoolers have really stepped up to the plate, showing us some of their best work while they have been away! Did you catch the art project below on our social media? So creative!

Art Class Project

Some of Hali Christopher's theatre students chose from famous pieces of artwork and created an audible soundscape to hear the mood that the visual art preview represented. Check it out!

Water Lillies
Callie Phillips created this soundscape from Claude Monet's painting, Water Lillies


Chemistry experiments are still going strong at home! Check out this cool experiment that Mrs. Lisa Gold's students completed at home with an egg. It's called the "rubber egg experiment". It's about the chemical reaction between calcium carbonate (the egg shell) and acetic acid (vinegar).  It resulted in calcium acetate, water, and carbon dioxide.  Then, they learned about osmosis by putting the naked egg into water and watching it get much larger and heavier.  Finally, they put the expanded egg in corn syrup and watched it shrivel.

large egg
shriveled egg
After! In case you've never seen a rubber egg before....eew!
andrew elliott
Andrew Elliott doing his at-home chemistry experiment.


Mrs. Jennifer Lindemann's English student, Mabry Connelly, has been making a mock epic movie advertisement modeled after 17th century British Literature during our online learning time at home. Check it out!

Spanish students are showing off their creativity at home with some unique learning projects created by teacher, Mrs. Anne McKeown. Some students created their own restaurant menus, and others created story characters, labeled them, and wrote stories to help them learn spanish vocabulary!

Food truck menu created by a Spanish 1 student.
What kind of story do you think this Spanish 2 student wrote?


What a unique time this is for our school community. We are amazed at what our teachers and students have been able to accomplish at home, and we pray that through these unusual circumstances, your families are still holding to the truth that the Lord is GOOD. We continue to be here to instruct, encourage, and pray for you all and look forward to being together again soon!