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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ

Caroline Forster

"WCCS is a place where students can feel safe and are not afraid to make a mistake. We teach our students to learn through their failures and trials as well as their successes."


Caroline & Family
Caroline and family (minus a couple)!

Teaches: Currently serving as the Lower School Math & Science Resource Coordinator; has also taught 1st, 4th, and 5th grades.

Degree: B.A., Elementary Education, Converse College

Caroline Forster has been teaching at WCCS for 30 years! During her time here, she has taught 1st, 4th, & 5th grades and is currently serving as the Math & Science Resource Coordinator at the Lower School. She has 3 sons who are all married, as well as 4 grandchildren, and shares that she LOVES being a grandmother. She attends Westminster Presbyterian Church and loves reading in her free time.

What do you think makes teaching special at WCCS?

At WCCS, the truth of God's Word is in all we teach. For example, in science, we are able to teach about the world God created through a biblical worldview. I love being able to bring this Christian perspective into all that we teach and do. The faculty and staff are the best, and I love that we can pray for each other and for our students.  WCCS is much like family. It is a place where students can feel safe and are not afraid to make a mistake. We teach our students to learn through their failures and trials as well as their successes. I also believe that we prepare students to know what they believe and why. A firm Christian foundation goes with them to college and beyond.

Explore Lab
Hands on learning with Ms. Forster's Explore Lab
is the best!

Share a moment from your time here at WCCS that stands out as something you never want to forget:

Because I have been here for so many years, I have enjoyed watching my students grow in their walk with the Lord as they have gotten older. It has also been neat to have a student raise a hand to tell me that I used to teach his or her mom and dad! It is so sweet to see that many are now sending their own children to WCCS.

Some special words from WCCS parent, Polly Baker about teacher, Caroline Forster:

When my daughter, Sara Reid was in 5th grade, she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. This required major lifestyle changes, constant monitoring and a lot of support. After notifying the school that Sara Reid had been admitted to the hospital, the first phone call I received was from Caroline Forster, Sara Reid’s 5th grade teacher. She encouraged me that WE could handle this – and I will tell you that she intentionally used the word “we”. She helped me organize a meeting for the diabetes educator to sit down with the teachers and other support staff; she eagerly learned with me about what this would mean for Sara Reid; she invited Sara Reid to talk to her class and answer questions they had about her shots and her diagnosis. At no point did I feel like we were walking this new path alone. She prayed for us, encouraged us and totally supported us as we established our new normal. We are forever grateful for the role she has played in our lives.

Thank you, Caroline Forster, for your many years of faithful service to the students and families of WCCS!




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