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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Cruz Cong


Cruz Cong

College: Ohio State University, Finance/Business


Our mission at WCCS is “Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ.” How do you believe your time here at WCCS has prepared you for God’s unique purpose for your life? What are your future plans beyond college? I came to WCCS as an international student from China in the 9th grade. I've had many spiritual discussions with several of the male faculty here about God that have really solidified the building of Christianity in my heart. Within these four years, I changed from a non-believer to a believer. This is my biggest harvest. Currently, I am in the process of registering a non-government organization in China for service, volunteer and charity purposes to inspire and encourage teenagers to "pay it forward" and do what they can to give back to society. After college, I hope to continue with this and help kids in China who are lacking in education because of poverty.

If your time here at WCCS were a story, what would be the running theme? If my time here were a story, the relationships with the faculty and students would be the running theme throughout. All the teachers and students truly care about each other and love each other. This gives the whole school such a positive atmosphere.

How has learning in a Christian environment positively affected your education? Learning in a Christian environment has been life changing for me. In China, when math is taught, it's just a bunch of numbers and equations. But in America at WCCS, I have been free to ask any question of my teachers, without hesitation or fear of interrupting their lesson. I have learned about math and science and all my subjects in a very different way. I can see God's beautiful creation and His acts through everything.

Has there been a teacher at WCCS that has impacted your faith, education or personal growth in a significant way? If you were to say thank you to this person, what would you say? Hali Christopher and Bernie Cooke are the faculty I have come to appreciate the most. Mr. Cooke has impacted my spiritual life with many discussions. Mrs. Christopher has always given me the opportunity to try new things and always encourages me, pushing me to do better. Thank ya'll so much for the love!

What is your favorite part of the WCCS community? The servant heart of all the students, faculty and staff.

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