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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


Jeremy de los Santos


Jeremy de los Santos

College: USC Lancaster, Physical Therapy


Our mission at WCCS is “Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ.” How do you believe your time here at WCCS has prepared you for God’s unique purpose for your life? What are your future plans beyond college? Being at WCCS has guided me to be the influential person that I am today. It's drawn me to a closer relationship with Christ, which I know will be vital for me in my life. The teacher's and environment at WCCS have been important factors in my personal growth.

How has learning in a Christian environment positively affected your education? The teachers openly demonstrate and model Christian principles and have opened up so many opportunities for me with their strict academic standards.

What is your best memory from your time at WCCS? My best memory at WCCS would be at our senior retreat at Camp Canaan at the beginning of the year. During our last night there, we had devotion and several testimonies were shared. This sparked the close relationships that I have developed with my classmates.

Has there been a teacher at WCCS that has impacted your faith, education or personal growth in a significant way? If you were to say thank you to this person, what would you say? In fact, there are two individuals that have impacted me in major ways - Coach Early and Mr. Cooke. They've helped me solidify my faith. I am blessed beyond measure to have such teachers as these two and forever grateful for them to be by my side.

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