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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ

"Every lesson taught at WCCS begins with a biblically integrated question. The lesson never revolves in the answer itself, but rather the process to get to the answer revolving around understanding God's word and His truth."


Monica and Family
Monica with her family!

Monica Monigold has been teaching in our Early Childhood program as an Infant and Twos teacher for four years. Check out what she has to say about being both a parent and a teacher at WCCS!

"What led me to WCCs, was my daughter starting part-time preschool. Little did I know God would open the door for me to go to work full-time doing what I love, and McKinley would be able to go to school at Westminster.  She is thriving in kindergarten and loves learning about Jesus!  This is my 12th year working in preschool.  I am currently a full-time student and looking forward to graduating in May! After graduation, I look forward to doing what I love most, spending time with my family.  I have a husband, 3 children, 2 dogs, and a kitten.  Life is fun! God is good!"

Teaches: Early Childhood

College: York Technical College, Early Childhood

What do you love most about WCCS? 

I love having the opportunity to marvel at the sight of precious children learning about Jesus, His wonderful story, and His great love. As I walk the hallways, there is always a sense of calmness and joy. I also love the amount of support from the staff at WCCS. It is simply immeasurable.

Monica with students
Hands on learning at its finest!

Why do you love teaching at WCCS? 

I love having the opportunity to see each child in my classroom as a unique creation by God. They all have their own individual gifts and talents and I have the blessing of helping them learn what they are and watching them flourish. I cherish being able to teach children about God, how special they are, and how loved they are.

What is one word that best describes the school? 

Special-I take pride in WCCS being one of a kind. No matter the circumstance, good or bad, you will be loved, guided, supported, and prayed for - I have found this to be true both as a parent and a teacher. You won't find these things at any school.

How do you believe WCCS prepares students for success in college and beyond? 

Students are treated as individuals and that they all have a calling in life. Each child that steps foot in WCCS has an opportunity for success. Teachers and staff do a wonderful job teaching students how to navigate the ups and downs in life and learning who they are.

How is faith and learning integrated at WCCS? 

Even in our Early Childhood classes, every lesson taught at WCCS begins with a biblically integrated question. The lesson never resolves in the answer itself, but rather the process to get to the answer evolving around understanding God's word and His truth.

How do you believe God has uniquely equipped you for your position here at WCCS?

I believe my unique interest and talent is truly God-given and is the immense love I have for students, teaching, and building relationships. I strive to give my students the best learning experience every day.

What sets WCCS students apart from other students?

Each student at WCCS learns they were handpicked by God to go out and be disciples in the world. They are given the foundation of the power of prayer and shown that a relationship with Christ surpasses all other successes as they go through life.

Share a moment from your time here at WCCS that stands out as something you never want to forget. 

As a WCCS parent and teacher, every moment I see a child praying and worshiping our Lord and Savior is a memory that is forever etched in my heart. There is no sight more beautiful than seeing children connected to our Lord and Savior.