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Educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ


"As a science teacher, I hope what my students learn will bring them closer to God. There are so many amazing things in our world, our body, and in this life, and they all point back to God as our maker and creator."


TJ and Jerome
TJ and her husband, Jerome

We are so happy that TJ Pettiway has joined the WCCS family as our new High School Science Teacher! She is also teaching two computer classes at the Upper School. Check out her story below to find out the special way God showed her his plan for her to go into teaching and how He brought her to WCCS!

Position for 2020-2021: High School Science & Computer

College & Degree: B.S. Biology, Gardner Webb University

Tell me a little about you and your family:

I just recently married my middle school best friend, Jerome Pettiway. We both were born and raised in York SC. We both went to different colleges, reconnected and now live in York. My parents and siblings live in California. They moved there after I graduated high school. So, not only do I consider SC my home, but CA as well. I could not forget my church family at Hillcrest Baptist Church, they have become such a vital part of life for my husband and I, and I could not imagine the people of that church not being in my life. 

Tells us something that we would be surprised to know about you:

I love missions, and plan to purse missions during the summer and after retiring from my teaching career. I went to Haiti in college and to Taiwan last September with my church family! 

Describe how you feel God has called you to your particular career path:

I originally was going to go into the medical field and go to PA school. But God. He had different plans for me. I could not find the peace in any field that I knew I had when I was in a classroom. Then the opportunity for WCCS opened, and the one position was science - the one I wanted and prayed over. I knew from being a leader in my churches youth that I wanted to teach high school age. Then, the mission statement here at WCCS made it all click for me. 

What attracted you to WCCS?

The Christian environment and the mission statement. We are called to make and be disciples, and that is a really big part of my faith. So, when I read it in the mission statement, I knew this was a place for me.

In what particular ways do you hope to shape the learning or spiritual experience of our students here at WCCS?

As a science teacher, I hope what they learn brings them closer to God. There are so many amazing things in our world, our body, and in this life, and they all point right back to God as our maker and creator. I know discovering new things helped make my faith stronger, and I pray it does the same for these students 

The WCCS mission statement is “educating students to bless our world as disciples of Jesus Christ”. How do you hope to accomplish this as a faculty/staff member?

I pray that the students see Christ in me, and it makes them have questions that they are bold enough to ask. I hope to use my personal relationship with Christ and my own testimony to let them see that they too can make a difference and walk alongside others in discipleship, not just the teachers to the students. 

What is your biggest desire for each student that walks in to your classroom?

That they know they are loved by God and also by myself. That they feel my classroom is a safe space, for personal information, for spiritual questions, for concern on the current topic, whatever it is, they feel they can talk about it without judgement.